Art has the power to unify, inspire, educate, and change the world and Amber Bouyer is determined to not only create art that impacts Hollywood but humanity as well. Whether she’s making bold choices in front of the camera or creating original content behind it Amber is making her voice known in Hollywood and her journey has only just begun.


What's in a name? For Diva Kakonde....EVERYTHING. Not only is this  multi- talented actress,  writer and producer making a name for herself in Hollywood, but she is a also a fierce force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion. Don't let the name fool you: Diva also loves giving back to the community and is specifically dedicated to causes that help with the education and empowerment of young girls and women.


With an unshakeable faith and the tenacity to match, actress, writer, and producer Farida Kakonde is set to have Hollywood spinning on its head. Whether she's directing a short film, or creating original content, Farida is definitely making a name for herself, and the industry is sure to take notice.  A big believer in giving back, Farida  dedicates her time and effort in spreading awareness on social issues affecting young men and women today.